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On the banks of the beautiful Miramichi

Our new conference facilities are perfect for businesses, associations and committees who want to book meeting space outside of their place of work. All groups are welcome whether you’re flying in for a weekend corporate retreat or driving from Miramichi or Fredericton for a business meeting in the country.

We are very successful in providing a unique, non-traditional environment for corporate retreats, business meetings, seminars, training sesions, and small conferences away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. A great place to get your executive team fired up with enthusiasm to tackle your next project.

With your help we can put together a package that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We offer a full Miramichi dining experience with nutrition breaks and all home cooked meals. Four private cottages where you can sleep restfully at the end of a tiring day and on top of all this you can sign up for any number of activities to relieve the stress of doing business and to inspire team building within your group.

What We Offer

To make your conference/meeting a success many things are needed. Planning, knowledge, technology, insider information. Well, we are going to leave all that up to you to bring. But what we can do is provide you with some of the accessories to allow you to portray all your thoughts and information.

Besides the physical features of our meeting room we like to think it’s the intangibles that keep you coming back. Our great service, the feeling of being on the river, gazing at the changing leaves in the fall… these are the things you will really remember when you leave O’Donnell’s.

Our room itself contains the following amenities. We feel we have all that you need for a great meeting.

  • seating for between 20-25 (can be more)
  • lodging for up to 17
  • internet capabilities
  • overhead projector screen
  • coffee machine
  • marker board and stand
  • large newsprint pad and easel 

That is our meeting room. But it doesn’t stop there. Your meeting wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t coffee breaks, meals, fun and relaxation. Our staff has been known to produce some excellent meals for our guests. We’ll produce a menu that will surely have your mouth watering.Email us to request a copy of it.

When you let us know how many people will be attending your meeting we can set up coffee breaks, up to two (2) per day, as needed, to break some of the monotony of the meeting. Coffee, tea or juice plus a little snack will be something to look forward to between meals and meetings.

But that’s not it. Where is the fun? You can’t come to O’Donnell’s without having fun. It’s against our rules. We have some great teamwork activities and other activities where you can just spend some time and take your mind off work for an hour or two. See our “While You’re Here” section to view what we have to offer.

Sample Package

Based on 15 participants at double occupancy in our on-site cottages. Keep in mind that this is just a sample package and by no means does your stay have to mirror this one.

Day 1

  • 1 p.m. Arrival and check in
    3 p.m. Coffee Break
    6 p.m. 3 course dinner (your choice of       entrée and sides)

Day 2

  • 8 a.m. Full Breakfast
    10 a.m. Coffee Break
    12 noon Lunch

Price $115.00/person plus HST, call for pricing on tailored packages.

The daily rental rates for conference facility are:

  • full day $110.00
  • half day $65.00

For more pictures, please visit ourConference Photos page.

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