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Welcome to O’Donnell’s

If you’re heading for New Brunswick
And adventure “out of doors”
Take route number 8 to Doaktown
Along our River’s tree lined shores
For canoeing, hunting or fishing
It’s a paradise indeed.
There’s something here for everyone from one to ninety three
Where Valerie and Jackie are waiting
To make your dreams come true
With adventure and excitement
That will thrill you through & through!
Come join them at O’Donnell’s
On the beautiful Miramichi
For tranquil nights and splendid sights
It’s the only place to be!

Written by Jim Robinson
Aylmer, Ont.

O’Donnell’s Cottages
439 Storeytown Rd
Doaktown, N.B.
E9C 1T3

Telephone: 506-365-7636
Toll Free: 1-800-563-8724
Fax: 506-365-9080
Email:[email protected]