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Vacation Packages…

Whether your interested in a peaceful getaway, finding a sunny outdoor spot for a picnic or simply floating down the river, we have something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of great activities that can range in time. Browse through them and be sure to let us know in advance if it’s something we can help you with.

“Leaving this morning but not for the last time. When you make plans to visit you can’t help but envision what it is like beforehand. In this case our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The hospitality, the accommodations and the mystic of the whole area were all A-1. Stay as you are.”
– Glen & Helen MacEachern

Mountain Biking

Sometimes one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation is by taking a bike ride through the back roads and trails. You never know what you might run into, what with the vast flora and fauna known to the area. Why not bring you camera along as well, that way you’ll always remember the beauty of the area you just traveled. We have four bikes for rent which come with helmets for your safety. Bring a friend or the whole family for a day of fun!

Price: $10 / day each

Fiddlehead Fiesta Weekend package:

This package includes:
5 meals, 2 night accommodations in our cozy cottages, a guided canoe trip on the river where we will stop along the shore and islands to pick fiddleheads, we will then clean them in the river, take them back to our kitchen and learn how to prepare, preserve and cook them. We will teach you to make fiddlehead soup for your dinner and  fiddlehead omelets for breakfast.  Everyone will be given fiddleheads and recipes to take back home with them. Please contact us for additional information on this exciting weekend and please tell a friend.


Everyone knows how popular golf is. Well, there is a reason for that. Never has a sport been so popular with so many different age groups. Whether 6 years old or 100 you’ll be happy you decided to spend a day on the Old Mill Pond Golf Course here in Doaktown. A 9-hole course, it presents its challenges and is a beautiful course to play on. Spend half a day or play a full 18. It’s your vacation, play as many as you want! When you’re staying at O’Donnell’s during the golf season it really would be a shame to pass up the chance to play this course.

Canoe into Colour

Spend relaxing fall days on the Miramichi.  Drift past beautiful fall colours.  Listen to the screen door creak in your comfortable log cottage. Dine in old fashion country style.

Price includes:
2 nights accommodations
4 course dinner for two
Guided kayak/canoe tour
Hiking, washer toss game and fire pit

Price :
Starting from $388 per couple

Dates Available:
Starting Sept. 1st. to Oct. 31st.

Safety is # 1 when ATV-ing and we want to make sure each biker has an enjoyable adventure and rewarding experience. When preparing for atv-ing consider the following: Wear clothing suited for the season, wear proper footwear, bring along a cell phone and GPS if you have one, bring some food and drink and if possible go in groups or have a passenger travel with you. Never drive faster than what you are comfortable with, stay away from wildlife and respect signs and area rules. 

For more information on better practices for ATV safety you may contact the New Brunswick ATV federation at


Living on the Miramichi you tend to learn some dishes unique to the area. We know what is in season and can teach you how to  prepare and cook some of our local cuisine. Last fall we taught chef Rick Browne from the Ready Aim Grill cooking show how to make pumpkin preserves and mustard pickles. This May we can teach you how to harvest, cook, preserve and eat fiddleheads.


With over half of the land in our area being covered by forests, outdoor hiking adventures can take place 12 months of the year.
In  the summer keep your eyes open for unique-to-the-area flora and fauna such as the fiddlehead, the blue heron, osprey, bald eagle and snowy owl. Also watch out for moose, deer and black bears!
In the winter you can strap on your snowshoes or cross country skiis for a treak in the forest to look for animal tracks.

If you come in the spring  you can  pick fiddleheads, a Miramichi delicacy! But make sure you call in advance because they are only around for a limited time. Or, you could drive a few minutes down the road to New Brunswick’s oldest covered bridge and take a walk through history. But don’t forget about the tourist favorite, the Priceville / McNamee Walking Bridge, which is a suspension bridge connecting two communities in the area, with a history all it’s own.
Fall colours are spectacular in our area with the changing of the leaves on the maple and birch trees.

So grab your boots (or snowshoes), hiking sticks and maps and come on down to O’Donnell’s to do some hiking through our woods or on our trails! 

If you’re an avid golfer or even if you’re a novice who just wants to learn the game, we have the perfect package for any golf lover. Check our Outdoor Adventure page to view our offer.


Waterfalls are one of the spectacular, natural wonders of the world. At any height they are a breathtaking sight. Falls Brook Falls is just a short drive away and is more than worth the trip. At roughly 90-100 feet high it is the tallest waterfall in New Brunswick. Whether there is a massive gush of water coming over the top or just a small “drizzle” you are sure to enjoy the beauty of the Falls.

Check out the “Fall Brook Falls” package on our Outdoor Adventure page.

ATV Adventures

ATV-ing is fast becoming a big sport in New Brunswick. We have many trails in our area designed especially for ATV’s. We are located close to the trails and are the perfect destination in central NB. for your ATV vacation. Or if you are biking around the province and need a place for overnight we offer very comfortable accommodations and can also provide breakfast with advanced notice.

You may bring your own ATV or if you do not own one and would like to rent one you may do so by contacting the Trail Riders Adventure Club at or by phoning 506-333-2080. If you would like a guided tour we can arrange for an experienced guide to take you out on the trails or you can contact Paul Colford at 506-365-7979.

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